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NEW! "We were beyond thrilled with the response we received from our membership regarding Nick’s presentation! 
His passion for life and helping others was evident in every moment of his speech. His powerful message set the tone for a very successful Ideacom national conference!"
Rich Gralto
CEO, Ideacom

Nick's 2015 Hall of Fame Speech

Keynote Speech:
2015 ATS Customer Service Conference
“Nick’s presentation was powerful, compelling and entertaining. It was one of the highlights of our conference. Our attendees were inspired by his message: purpose.”
 Charles Territo, Executive Vice President
American Traffic Systems (ATS)


Rockstar  System for Success

Marketing Kickoff Keynote Speech

Nick's Sizzle Reel

Nick Lowery, Emcee at the SFAA Conference 2015
"Wow, Nick!!! Best job ever that I have experienced!
It was a wonderful learning opportunity to see how you commented after each panel concluded and mentioned a few of the key points discussed. As a panelist myself (and the first one), you were masterful having us panelists feel we made a worthy contribution to the conference."
Anna Wilds, CFE
Sports Financial Advisors Association

LEADERSHIP: Mistakes University: America's way back to greatness: Nick's message is that learning to Focus on what matters is the key to all success - whether kicking a field goal in front of 83,000 screaming people, flying a Jet plane at 1000 MPH, performing surgery, arguing in front of a jury, or simply driving one's key priorities in life in one's chosen profession. Our true Passion and Purpose naturally follow, and are underscored by how the brain learns. All great athletes, from Michael Jordan and Lebron James to Joe Montana, and all leaders know this: only through mistakes do we find our highest achievement and state as human beings.

@William Woods College

Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Fame

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